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If B2B marketers or salespeople need to educate their customers about their products (most of the time, it’s complicated), we need “something” to show them “why” the products matter, “what” do the products do, and “how” to use them.

An integrated content strategy is key to creating seamless customer experiences across every touchpoint. By mapping content to the customer journey, brands can provide depth and context tailored to each stage.

From early awareness nurtured through search and social, to consideration fueled by comparisons, reviews and personalized recommendations, an integrated content plan offers consistency, relevance and value. As prospects connect more with resonant messaging, preference is shaped and brand loyalty is deepened.

B2B Content Marketing Training

To explain or show you need content, which comes in various forms such as blog, videos, infographics, podcasts, and even AR/VR (augmented reality and virtual reality). Without content, there would be no internet!

Content Marketing Strategy and Implementation

You can’t do B2B marketing without content strategy and implementation. However, the biggest challenge is to demonstrate the ROI of content marketing or its impact on sales. The truth is that you CAN’T demonstrate content’s ROI all by itself. You need to measure your content marketing strategy as a function of communications channels.

Content Marketing Planning

Like customer experience, strategic content marketing is all about details from SEO-optimized titles, design layout, image selection, and crisp writing, to strong close-to-action. Every detail matters.

Creative design and storytelling are important, but the key is a process, workflows, platforms, and a good understanding of your customer’s point of view.

Content marketing in the digital world requires you to connect all the dots in earned, owned, and paid media to deliver the customer experience you envision.

How to Scale Your Content Marketing Program

  • Identify marketing objectives and key results
  • Identify content’s role in the context of marketing objectives and metrics
  • Understand content in relation to SEO and keyword search
  • Conduct content audits by products, personas, segments, languages, etc.
  • Map content to customer journey by personas, by products, and by industries
  • Recommend new and refresh existing content
  • Create an editorial schedule
  • Use content platforms to manage workflows
  • Use syndication platforms to publish content
  • Integrate content performance with content management libraries and analytics tools
  • Monitor, monitor, and monitor
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