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Even though “Account-Based Marketing” (ABM) may seem like a recent buzzword in B2B marketing, savvy marketers have been using such strategies for a while, especially when supporting sales.

Prime examples of ABM can be seen in organized customer events for specific accounts or account-specific sales collateral. Previously, these activities were manual and difficult to scale.

The surge in ABM’s popularity now is tied to the capacity to use technology for expanding outreach, enabling one-to-few and one-to-many interactions. The success of ABM lies in constructing a solid martech stack and establishing efficient workflows.

Account-Based Marketing Strategy and Planning

Customer (account-specific) events are account-based marketing (ABM). Customized content for target accounts is also a form of ABM.

You know what? Yes, sending personalized gifts via postal mail can be counted as ABM, too.

So, why is ABM so hot lately? That’s because various MarTech tools are popping up to help marketers “scale” ABM since many marketers do account-specific marketing outreach manually.

At the same time, we are able to merge the marketing side of customer data with the sales side’s account information to further segment and personalize communications.

Account-Based Marketing Consultant

The key is to figure out how to work together better using MarTech tools with established communication processes and monitoring the results with feedback loops.

Amplify Your Account-Based Marketing: A 6-Step Strategic Guide

  • Understand your sales objectives and key results while identifying key accounts in collaboration with sales
  • Develop scalable marketing outreach strategies, keeping in mind different workflows for different channels
  • Source suitable MarTech tools to enhance sales campaigns and establish a synergy between sales and marketing
  • Implement these tools via soft launches or MVPs to optimize outcomes and monitor the results
  • Evaluate and scale your ABM efforts based on objectives, key results, and feedback
  • Remember, scaling ABM is a collective effort – let us simplify this journey for you

It takes a village to get ABM to scale. There is no shortcut. Let’s work together, and we will make it easy for you.

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