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Helping B2B Companies Increase ROI

We work with enterprise and mid-size organizations to help them excel in their marketing efforts, align sales and marketing efforts, and cultivate senior leadership’s strategic thinking. Here are some examples of how we deliver results for our clients. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

B2B Marketing Clients

We worked with one of Microsoft agencies to conduct sales-centric channel partner content audit, content mapping and editorial planning recommendations. The team was able to use the information for their site redesign and optimization.

Customer Success Stories

This six-month project worked with Southwest Airlines newly founded sales operations, sales enablement, B2B marketing teams and Vice President of Sales. Our team conducted workshops and created recommendations for their long-term sales enablement strategy and overall sales organization structures for Sales Ops, Sales Enablement, and B2B Marketing teams.

1:1 marketing coaching Client

This was a 1:1 marketing coaching with Cascade’s senior marketing leader. We worked on her marketing plan, ROI, and dashboards. We created a 2020 marketing plan and clearly identified specific initiatives that marketing will help sales. She was able to use the deck to pitch for an additional budget.

implemented digital transformation

We worked on several digital marketing training workshops for Sunstar’s European teams over a span of 2 years. We emphasized the importance of digital and martech. As a result, they sourced the Adobe marketing suite and implemented digital transformation across key countries.

Sale enablement content mapping

Our engagement with InfinityQS is on-going. It’s expanded from messaging/positioning of their hero products, sales enablement content mapping, down to planning workshops for their sales and marketing teams.

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Global Content

Technology has virtually erased national borders, forever transforming the way we reach and engage customers, as well as the way we search for and consume content. Global Content Marketing takes you step-by-step through the process of creating and refining your strategies to meet this new reality. Learn how to:

  • Create content that engages people–regardless of their country and culture
  • Identify key actions and strategies to apply to your projects
  • Connect “dots” that others don’t see and connect them in ways you never thought of before
  • Identify key actions and strategies to apply to your projects


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Effective Sales

A sales enablement book for marketers written by a marketer. If you are in marketing supporting your sales team, this book offers ideas to better support them. If you are in sales or sales operations this book will help you understand your marketing team better. Win-win!!

After finishing this book, you will:

  • Understand trends that impact sales professionals and how to take advantage of them
  • Become a better marketer with creative ideas on how to support sales
  • Be able to integrate sales elements into select marketing programs
  • Comprehend technology’s impact on sales enablement
  • Gain insights on how to assemble a first-class sales enablement team


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Available at these retailers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indie Bound, 800CEORead