Today, I have a fantastic and fabulous guest – Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs. Author, speaker, and the most important title – my favorite title – writer.

Ann started as a reporter for the Boston Globe, doing a bunch of news reporting and features. Features are really where her heart was because you can tell a story in Features in a different way than you can with a straight news report. She worked in journalism for a while, then started a company called, which was one of the first sources of interactive marketing information. In 2000 Ann joined Marketing Profs, a training and education company, and the rest is history.

Today we talk about content writing and everything in between. You should check out her book Everybody Writes.

In this episode:

  • What should writers, new or experienced ones, do to get started or improve their writing?
  • Why should marketers in their writing focus on the message, and how to do that?
  • How can marketers properly communicate and use the specific key points in their email marketing?
  • What are the secrets of successful B2B email marketing
  • What makes newsletters interesting, and how to tell a better story?
  • How can B2B marketers crystallize and internalize the storytelling elements in their newsletters?
  • What is the key to getting out of the writing comfort zone?
  • What makes writing so important and how it can help thought leadership, and leadership development?

Quotes from the episode:

“We hear a lot of times “leaders are readers.” But I would say that “leaders are writers” because if you can articulate your ideas clearly and in a way that that will connect with others, then it’s an excellent foundation for any great career.”

“We focus on what we want to say and all the amazing things we want to talk to our audience about. But in my opinion, that’s the wrong way to think about an email newsletter. It’s not about the news. It’s about the letter. It’s about that opportunity you have to speak directly to one person at one time, and that’s a very powerful place.”


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