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In the B2B digital marketing world, we gather customers’ data across various channels and campaigns. However, the data is usually presented in siloed and rarely consolidated ways. 

We know how each campaign and channel performs, but what about the holistic view of our marketing measurement or return on marketing investment for the year, even when comparing it with last year? 

Or, can we fully integrate our b2b marketing automation tools and CRM to enable data-driven strategy decisions?

Can we identify marketing effectiveness as a function of revenue impact?

That’s where AI comes in.

How AI and Marketing Work Together?

Many sophisticated and modern digital marketers use AI for content writing and editing, image generation, keyword generation and optimization (SEO), all the way down to campaign creation, brainstorming and creating a framework around their AI marketing strategy.  

In marketing, we use AI to: 

  • Increase efficiency
  • Enhance productivity
  • Gain insights into topics and SMEs
  • Drive continuous improvement

However, we can also use AI in marketing to analyze our fragmented and scattered first-party data with second-party and third-party data.

By doing so, we’ll also be able to:

  • Recognize patterns that we can’t see
  • Predict or project trends, track consumer behavior models, or marketing and sales successes
  • Personalize outreach based on past customer behavior, content consumption, messaging, and other offerings to optimize customer experience
  • Minimize risks by identifying potential threats, such as off-brand assets, unaddressed customer inquiries, regulations, or customer sentiments  

Combining data analytics with AI is one of the most powerful ways to take your marketing to the next level. 

AI and martech consultant with B2B marketing expertise

AI and martech go hand-in-hand within B2B digital marketing.

If you have an inside data analytics team, GREAT. If not, it’s time to work with someone who possesses B2B marketing acumen with a solid understanding of back-end and martech so that you can give your marketing an extra push. 

So, how can you turn your data into implementable sales and marketing knowledge?

Pam and her team will:

  • Work with you to identify and scope questions or objectives (clarity of questions matters!)
  • Propose a cost-effective approach and models to address the questions
  • Gather your data and put them in a structured format 
  • Validate the models and enrich data if necessary
  • Train the models
  • Build the models and review the data
  • Present report outs
  • Tweak and optimize
  • Additional report outs

Although the steps sound simple, the devil is always in the details about data, model building, tweaking, and making sense of the data. 

Fragmented data is a beast. You need to tame it with discipline and persistence. 

Shoot Pam an email or schedule a call to discuss how to make sense of your data! AI marketing.

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Greg Matranga

Greg Matranga

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