A big, hello from Portland, Oregon. Yay! Welcome to another episode of B2B Marketing and More. I have a fantastic guest today. Brooke Sellas. Welcome, Brook.

Brook is a customer care expert, ‘Marketing Companion’ podcast co-host, horse and a dog mom. She is also a founder and CEO of B Squared Media. The company specialize in social media, media buy, and the key topic that we talk about today – customer care and social media.

In this episode:

  • Best Practice: Which brands are doing a great job on social media.
  • What is the ideal response time to customers on social media and how that changes if a business has office hours?
  • What makes taking care of a virtual customer support center expensive?
  • Is there a specific channel that every business should be on?
  • What is the role of customer support on social media?
  • What are the platforms that businesses could use to complement or support customer care?
  • How can businesses measure customer care on social media?
  • Is there a difference between business and customers key performance indicators?
  • How can businesses work with their customers’ internal teams?
  • What are some of the best ways to deal with negative comments on social media?
  • When do you hide? When do you ignore and when do you ban or mute someone?
  • Chatbots as part of customer care and customer service.

Quotes from the episode:

“I want people to stop thinking about customer care as a cost center and think about it as the literal spine of your business; you cannot have a business without customers.”

“Some of the more nuanced KPIs on our side and also on the client-side is sentiment. Are the conversations good, neutral, are they bad? And then also share of voice; looking at our competitors and understanding our share of voice.”


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