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Amplify your sales impact with Pam Didner’s consulting, speaking, workshops, and fractional CMO/GTM services.

Transform Your Sales and Marketing for Maximum Revenue Impact in 90 Days

Brands working with B2B marketing expert Pam Didner see a 3-20% spike in pipeline opportunities within 6 months. Her superpower is aligning sales and marketing teams to drive rapid results or build an actionable GTM (go-to-market) strategy and plan.
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Align Sales and Marketing: Discover the  Power of Strategic Planning and Sales Enablement

Renowned globally as a captivating and astute B2B sales and marketing speaker, Pam Didner has delivered her insightful presentations to rapt audiences across five continents. She possesses a rare talent for making complex topics relatable and actionable while keeping her audience actively engaged.

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Fractional CMO Services: Transform your Marketing Leadership 

From optimizing processes at Fortune 1000 companies to guiding startups as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Pam is dedicated to helping sales and marketing teams thrive. Her passion is enabling organizations to reach their fullest potential by fostering collaboration between sales and marketing.

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“Continue to learn and expand your skill set” A great way to wrap up your Human vs. Machines talk @PamDidner #CCDK18 #contentmarketing #marketing #learning #AI

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“Pam understands the optimal collaboration between Marketing and Sales better than anyone I have worked with. If your organization has a Marketing department that is focusing only on branding and communication, and not enough on helping sales, then you should talk to Pam”

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Thomas Snyder

“Pam’s presentation style is both friendly and authoritative, making complex topics easy to understand. Her in-depth knowledge in these areas is evident, and she always provides valuable insights and practical takeaways”

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Lisa Loeffler

“Once again I’ve found myself recommending @PamDidner‘s excellent #MessagingFramework to clients”

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Tod Vordill


Who is Pam Didner?

With 20+ years of experience in the corporate world, Pam has held various positions – from accounting and supply chain management to marketing and sales enablement, she has a holistic view of how a company should run. She thinks strategically and translates the big picture into actionable plans and tactics.

As a fractional CMO or marketing consultant, she works closely with executives on strategy planning. She can also dive into the trenches to set up processes, run campaigns, and create dashboards. It’s all about creating a plan first, and then seeing clear results once everything sets in motion. Check out her 90-day Revenue Reboot to revive your marketing efforts.

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