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Martech and data analysis are essential ingredients for your success in modern marketing. In the past, marketing channels were not connected and marketing functions were siloed, and the roles and responsibilities were more clear. With the rise of digital, the roles and responsibilities have become blurry.

Martech Landscape

For example, the layout and structure of a website managed by the web marketing team have a fundamental impact on your team members who leverage email marketing, paid media, social media, editorial, and content planning. In that case, should they have a say in the website design? Suppose you create content for your team members who manage social media and email.

Should you also create copy for email letters and social media posts to deliver a seamless customer experience? How do we better work together without stepping on each other’s toes? Our current organizational structure doesn’t take into account technology’s impact on our roles and responsibilities.

Martech Stack

To further complicate marketing, digital provides a massive amount of analytics. If we understand the martech stack well, we can understand which channels perform well, who visits our site, prospects’ intent, and how to best continue the engagements or conversations.

Thus, Martech, back-end integration, data enrichment, and integration become critical for data-driven marketing and marketing optimization.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms (we are not talking about marketing or sales robots… yet) play a critical role as part of Martech evaluation and implementation.

Martech Consultant

It’s time to understand the back-end and comprehend how different platforms work or do not work with each other. Having a sense of back-end and platforms’ AI capabilities (or even building your own AI-based tools) will help you sharpen your marketing acumen and up your game.

How to Evaluate Your Martech Stack

Having a complete understanding of your company’s martech stack is hard; it’s almost impossible, especially in a big or midsize enterprise.

Depending on the scope and project, our approach is customized to fit each client’s needs. We start with a managed scope that focuses on specific marketing efforts, processes, and workflows.

  • Work with clients to understand the overall existing workflow
  • Document the existing workflow and martech capabilities
  • Identify key questions and recommend analysis
  • Source and research martech platforms (if necessary)
  • Identify the areas that AI can provide help
  • Create the revised workflow and martech recommendations
  • Work with clients to implement the initiatives
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