A big hello from Portland, Oregon! With the fast deployment of vaccination, many of us marketers are gearing up for the full reopening and getting our team members back to the offices. Today I want to share the five trends that I think you need to pay attention to when you rework your plan and get ready for your post-COVID marketing efforts.

In this episode:

  • VIrtual communication and in-person interactions.
  • Event marketing evolution.
  • Content marketing and content prioritization.
  • Changing strategies and marketing execution.
  • Protocols and process changes to keep your customers safe.
  • Digital customer experience as a product.
  • Sales and marketing alignment in a fast-changing world.
  • Process and workflow optimization as a competitive advantage.

Quotes from the episode:

“Modify your customer journeys and beef up your offerings online and on your websites. That means your budget for digital marketing and the website should not go down. It should go up.”

“The key post-COVID is to determine which content to update and refresh because you might have a lot of content you need to prioritize in a repurposing refresh and the update.”

“When digital marketing becomes complicated, marketers tend to get overwhelmed. To overcome that, understand processes and steps, how things are done, and how data moves from one point to another.”


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