Hey, big hello from Portland, Oregon. Welcome to another episode of B2B Marketing & More. I have a very special guest today Geoff Atkinson and he’s going to talk about SEO and a little bit of analytics.

Geoff is a former Senior Vice President of Marketing for, with a lot of B2C experience. Now he is the B2B world, founder and CEO of a software company called Huckabuy. His company handles SEO’s technical side for their clients, such as Salesforce and SAP and many big enterprise customers.

In this episode:

  • Where do companies or digital marketers fall short in SEO in general?
  • Which better – to have an SEO manager in-house or as an outsource?
  • What can businesses do to fix and improve their SEO.
  • What is Google’s intent for search and why it’s an essential part of the digital marketing strategy?
  • Learn more about Geoff’s company Huckabuy, and what makes their approach to SEO different.
  • What are some of the biggest SEO issues and suggestions on where and how to start resolving them?
  • Definition of: “structured data,” “dynamic renderings,” and “rich results.” and why do digital marketers need to take these terms seriously.
  • What is happening with voice activation, and what are the current trends.
  • What is 2021 Google Page Experience update and when to expect it?

Quotes from the episode:

“The mistake I see most companies make is that they’re just throwing dollars at the solution. Instead, they should be thinking about having a strategy, executing that strategy, and making sure that it’s successful, and measuring it.”

“Instead of just doing keyword research, take one of the keywords that you really care about. Search, search it on a mobile device and desktop and see what the search results look like.”


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