Today we’re going to talk with Chris Dickey, a search engine marketing expert. Chris is a veteran marketing professional, and also have experience on the PR side of things. His team created the tool Visably.

Chris has been in marketing for 17 years across different professions and roles, from in-house marketing to publishers, working in agencies years. The last decade he’s managing inter-operating his PR agency. Through the interactions with his clients and trying to push forward where is PR going he got interested in the intersection between public relations and search. That‘s where a company called Visably came out of – a software solution to scale how brands can improve their brand visibility in search with PR being one of those channels.

In this episode:

  • Most important SEO tips beyond 2020
  • Why do people tend to fall short with SEO
  • What makes SEO so complex and what can businesses do about that.
  • Interesting statistics about organic search
  • What are some other ways to rank higher with organic search
  • How to use SEM to complement SEO
  • Learn more about Visably, the free SEO tools and how it helps address some of the challenges
  • How can a midsize company, startup or a small business (with finite resources and budget) improve their SEO.
  • What is the role of a business value proposition for organic search.

Quotes from the episode:

“The important thing for marketers to recognize is that they really need to shift the goal line from saying, ‘how do I rank my, my website and search’ to say, ‘how do I get a better ranking for my brand in search?'”

“Good keywords are just consumer behavior. It’s not Google coming up with the keywords. It’s your customers coming in with the keywords.”


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