Why You Need a 90-Day Revenue Reboot                Revenue Reboot One Pager

This B2B marketing program is specifically tailored to address and remedy companies’ stalled marketing efforts, which may have resulted from high turnovers, economic slumps, or management changes.

Pam Didner will help you quickly revive your marketing outreach and get things going again in 90 days.

Each company approaches marketing differently. Pam will evaluate your current status (AS-IS) and come up with a short-term quick-fix marketing outreach solution (TO-BE), while working side-by-side with team members to build a long-term marketing plan.

Who Will Benefit?

Any Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), startup or marketing team operating without a CMO will benefit from a 90-day Revenue Reboot.

Pam will work with the your team to get marketing and lead gen going again, and measure success at the same time. 

The 90-Day Revenue Rebook Kickstarts Stagnant Revenue Growth

Pam’s forte is her attention to detail, as well as her ability to connect different dots between sales and marketing (ABM – Account-based Marketing is a great example). That’s how digital works now – you need to connect both sides.  

It’s crucial to analyze and evaluate everything, from back-end integration right down to copy, design, marketing channel optimization, and customized KPIs. Pam brings a much-needed different perspective to help you fix what’s broken. And she is relentless about moving things forward.

This 90-Day Revenue Reboot is all about taking action, getting things done, and helping your marketing machine to start going again. 

Pam’s Approach to Transformation

The goal of a 90-day Revenue Reboot is to pinpoint specific marketing challenges and create feasible solutions. A fast and furious process designed to get you back on track in 90 days. Yes, we all need to work together. 

From honing your messaging framework to mapping out the customer journey to creating target buyer personas, to developing ideal customer profiles, Pam will help you tighten and optimize key aspects of your process from start to finish. 

While you may be challenged to add headcount or ramp up your different marketing channels, this Revenue Reboot will show quantifiable results within the first 90 days based on the KPIs that Pam will work with you to establish.

The package for this program is aggressively priced so that you will be comfortable seeing initial ROI before we build an ongoing relationship or you can take it from she establishes and run with it. 

Envisioning the Outcome: What Results You Can Expect

The key lies in pinpointing mutually agreed-upon success metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that effectively demonstrate the impact on revenue. However, this may be limited by the tools or lack of. No worries. Pam will work with clients to identify the appropriate success metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs).

Common metrics or KPIs include Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and the conversion rate from MQLs to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). Given the tool availability among clients, it is essential to establish connections between MQLs and pipeline opportunities, as well as deal stages on the sales side.

During the 90 days, Pam Didner will:

  • Gather input from you and your team
  • Start with a 4-hour “code-red” working session
  • Craft an ongoing plan  
  • Get buy-in from sales and management
  • Work with the team to execute 
  • Make any necessary changes to the plan as you go
  • Monitor and share revenue-impact results
Brainstorm with Pam

90-Day Revenue Reboot


Less Talking. More Doing.

Pam will be in the trenches with your team to figure out details, processes, and martech. Let’s work together to get things moving.


Work with your existing team or…

Pam can work with what you have – your team and your tools. She can also bring in an unmatched squad of professionals to get the job done. Tools and processes are critical to move fast.


Servant Leadership

Pam leads by actions and role modeling. It’s all about doing the right things. She is not afraid to make tough decisions, so let her help you make some of those difficult calls.

Training and Coaching

Mentor and coach to help the team grow

Pam listens to team members’ needs in order to help them grow and succeed. At the same time, she is not afraid to communicate bad news or deal with teams who underperform in the name of the greater good.

“She not only brings a much-needed blend of energy and positivity, but also a no-BS, let’s get-to-work attitude that is refreshing and easy to work with. She’s provided a ton of structure, especially as Glimpse continues to expand and focus more on standardized integrated marketing strategies.”

Neil Dixit

Neil Dixit

CEO of Glimpse