Welcome to another episode of B2B Marketing and More with Pam! I have a very, very special guest today, Bernie Borges.

Bernie is a Vice President of Global Content Marketing at iQor, content marketing strategist, and co-founder at Vengreso. Also, he was the host of the Modern Marketing Engine podcast with 300 episodes published.

Today we talk about account-based podcasting and why businesses need it.

In this episode:

  • What is account-based podcasting?
  • What is the process for an ABM podcast?
  • Is there such thing as a perfect frequency of podcast episodes, and what are some of the biggest takeaways from doing an ABM podcast?
  • What are the sales and marketing benefits of the ABM podcasting approach?
  • How can businesses use their strategy and goals for more successful podcasting?
  • Two schools of podcasting postproduction, what are the recommendations in terms of editing a podcast?
  • how to measure the success of ABM podcasting?
  • Future trends and the next generation of podcasts and podcasting.
  • Pros and cons of building presence using a third-party platform


Quotes from the episode:

“If someone is trying to get it [podcast] off the ground, or they’re not quite sure where it’s going, take some time to think about what do you want to achieve with your podcast? And then just put a plan around that and ask people what they want, then filter that advice.”

“In the context of account-based podcasting, the way that we measure success is, are we building relationships? So we’re measuring success by how many opportunities are we creating as a result of our podcast?”


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