Understand the Need for Fractional CMO vs. Full-Time CMO in Your Growing Business  Pam's One Pager

Being a CEO or a startup founder, you’ve been driving growth and leading your company towards success. The indication towards hiring a full-time CMO typically comes when your company starts scaling beyond a certain revenue milestone or when the employee count surpasses a certain threshold. However, determining the exact timing to bring in a full-time marketing leader can vary between businesses.

It’s a crucial that prior to deciding on a full-time CMO hire, you consider exploring the option of a Fractional CMO. This is a seasoned marketing strategist capable of crafting your marketing plans, steering your marketing team, fostering sales collaboration, and establishing vital martech processes for better marketing outreach. What you require is a skilled professional capable of maneuvering your marketing strategy, managing outbound communications, and enhancing alignment between your marketing and sales efforts

There are many skilled B2B marketing leaders and managers; the key is to find the right person to do the job. 

Why You Need a Strategic Marketing Leader

  • Provide honest consultation
  • Assemble an effective strategy with a comprehensive budget
  • Execute the plan hands-on with your team
  • Oversee marketing campaigns and analyze impact on sales

Pam, our Fractional CMO, efficiently covers all these aspects.

With an extensive career path including various marketing roles, Pam holds profound experience in not just marketing operations but also in supporting both direct and indirect sales forces. She’s been instrumental in sales training, onboarding, and offering marketing aid to diverse indirect sales teams, including channel partners, distributors, Value-Added Resellers (VARs), and independent solution providers (ISPs).

With her seasoned leadership, Pam excels in unifying the marketing team and offering precise guidance. She ensures smooth and successful execution of the approved marketing plan, leading the team to prompt results.

Ready for an experienced CMO to skyrocket your marketing strategy? Reach out to explore if our collaboration is the right fit for your business. (You’ll get an honest reply, even if it’s a ‘no’)

Discovering an Experienced Fractional CMO: Guided Steps for Success

  • Seek recommendations from industry colleagues
  • Develop a comprehensive job description for the Fractional CMO role
  • Identify and clearly define your business needs and gap areas
  • Assemble an interview panel comprising of sales and product teams
  • Ask targeted questions based on your specific marketing hurdles
  • Schedule a consultation with fractional CMO expert, Pam Didner
Brainstorm with Pam

Fractional CMO Consulting

Strategic Planning

It’s about talking and doing

Pam will work with you and the team to put the plan together and get everyone’s buy-in. Then, she’ll lead the whole team to implement it. She talks, but she also gets things done!


Access to A-team freelancers and agencies

Pam can work with your team to pull together an unmatched squad of professionals and get the job done on-time and on-budget.


Servant Leadership

Pam leads by actions and role modeling. It’s all about doing the right things. She is not afraid to make tough decisions, so let her help you make some of those difficult calls.

Training and Coaching

Mentor and coach to help the team grow

Pam listens to team members’ needs in order to help them grow and succeed. At the same time, she is not afraid to communicate bad news or deal with teams who underperform in the name of the greater good.

“Pam combines strategic understanding with tactical excellence like nobody I’ve worked with. Operationalizing a complex vision isn’t easy, especially for a start-up focused on innovation. Pam grasps the vision without losing the nuance, and works relentlessly to co-create the systems and processes needed for sustainable growth.  The bottom-line: hire her.”

Adam Bai

Adam Bai

Chief Strategist, Glimpse