Welcome to another episode of B2B Marketing and More. I have a very, very special guest today. Meet Stephanie Stahl, General Manager of the Content Marketing Institute and Content Marketing World.

Stephanie is an experienced content creator/editor/strategist. She joined the content marketing Institute in 2016. Before that Stephanie has been to Content Marketing World as a consumer of content because she was running a content marketing group for UBM. As a General Manager of the Content Marketing Institute, her goal is to help educate brands about creative ways to engage customers and turn them into obsessed customers.

In this episode:

  • How does one make the transition from in-person to the virtual event in the middle of a major crisis.
  • How much time and effort does it take for a team to go through the transition.
  • What are the biggest challenges of going virtual.
  • How did the team decide on how to scale the#CMWorld tracks and what tracks to scale back.
  • How to collect feedback from the attendees and use that guidance to adapt on-the-go.
  • What to do with the sponsorship packages, and how to help sponsor with the adjustments.
  • What should leaders do and how can they deal with their teams during the transition to minimize the team member’s frustration during the process of change.
  • How to adapt and conduct regular team communications.
  • How to create the sense of a community of the physical (and virtual) event.

Quotes from the episode:

“We did a lot of learning along the way, but honestly, the key was just regular communication.”

“We decided that we would prerecord the bulk of the content and have live sessions within. And the reason we did that is that it doesn’t matter how much planning and organizing we do, we are at the mercy of the internet.”


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