Welcome to another episode of B2B Marketing & More. I have a very special guest today. Meet Mary Killelea, a Customer Story Strategist from Intel. She will be talking about career development and the pros and cons of working on either the agency side or the client-side.

Mary is a businesswoman, a mom, wife, and a lover of adventure. She’s been working in tech and marketing for about 25 years, and she has her own business for more than 15 of those years. Before all that, she worked for Web MD Radio and did sales for Nabisco.

In this episode:

  • Career tips for anybody just starting in the field of marketing and where to start
  • What are the main differences between the agency and client-side marketing
  • What it looks like working for a big corporation like Intel
  • How working in a big company changes the perception of marketing.
  • How can one tell if the working environment is good for career development
  • What is the role of constant learning and what that really means
  • What are some interesting career options for marketers – both corporations and agencies
  • How can a marketer prepare for the specific marketing job position

Quotes from the episode:

“You need to figure out which area of interests you might want to excel at some point. To have a broad base at the beginning while you’re learning and understanding, it really can be beneficial to have that holistic [marketing] viewpoint.”

“Just be persistent, continually evolving. Be completely open to learning. You can design your career any way you want if you have a growth mindset.”


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