The toughest part of content marketing is not “content marketing.” It’s getting headcount and budget to enable you to DO content marketing.

I talk to a lot of content marketers at conferences. All of them are very good at what they do, but they are struggling to get management’s attention. By talking to them, I discovered there are three challenges they encounter. Here’s what they need:

  • a way to prioritize their ideas.
  • a simple way to quantify costs to implement these ideas.
  • to pitch their proposals to management.

Here is the solution…

If you are facing these challenges, you will find my course, the Step-by-Step Guide to Get More Headcount and Budget, helpful. I internalized my own experiences and created a process to address these challenges. By following the process, you will be able to prioritize your ideas with an estimated budget in a way that management can understand. Most importantly, I created a presentation template to help you put a pitch together. In addition, I discuss the steps you can take to help you think strategically. I also created a questionnaire for you to assess your current content marketing landscape and solicit your customers’ feedback, which will help focus your ideas. The process helps you face challenges head-on. You can do it!!

Choose the right format for you

This course has 5 core lessons with a short introduction and closing modules. Each core lesson takes 15-20 minutes to complete with instructions and worksheets. I understand you have different learning styles and prefer different content formats. To accommodate your learning needs, I created video presentations, presentation slides, audio, an e-book, worksheets, and detailed lesson summaries. The same content may vary slightly based on the format, but all material covers the same content. You have the option of trying different formats from one lesson to another or sticking with what works for you.

 Lesson 1 Screen Shot:

content marketing course

You are worth it!

The course costs $299. Even if you get an additional $2000 budget, the course pretty much pays for itself. In addition, most companies will pay for professional development. Just check with your management. If you need someone to review your presentation, I also offer a $499 option with two 30-minute consultations to review and provide feedback on your pitch. You have a lot to offer. You know what needs to be done to put your company’s content marketing efforts on the right track! It’s time to get a budget and resources so that you can do your job better. You DESERVE IT! Check out my online course, the Step-by-Step Guide for Content Marketers to get more headcount and budget.

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