Pam Didner

B2B Marketing Consultant

Pam has the amazing ability to synthesize your challenges, connect with any audience, and bring clarity to complex digital sales and marketing efforts.

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Pam Can Help You…


Speaking/Training: Speak at conferences and corporate events. Customize workshops for you.


Facilitating: Lead your strategic planning to drive consensus among different teams.


Coaching: Craft your marketing plan and sales enablement strategy through 1:1 sessions.


Consulting: Plan and implement content marketing and sales enablement across regions.


Content Creation: Write with authority and expertise on tech topics such as AI, Cloud, Datacenter, DevOps, Big Data and more.

Pam's Personal Story

For some, it’s a stigma to work for one corporation for almost twenty years. For me, it was a blessing. I know. I know. Staying at a company that long is old school, uncool. However, I was fortunate to be part of a wonderful tech company that encouraged its employees to change positions and departments to gain a deeper understanding of the overall organization while avoiding stagnation. I started in finance and accounting eventually moved to project management, product support, procurement, supply-chain management, marketing operations, event marketing, sales support and global marketing strategy and planning. I learned first-hand, while filling a broad array of senior positions, how a big global enterprise operates. I worked through various corporate challenge and pain points. Now, when talking with my clients, I relate instantly to their own issues. I get it!

This diversified experience also taught me to see the same event through different internal stakeholders’ eyes. When I was searching for buy-in, I was able to speak their language. For example: when I pitched the marketing budget to the sales team, I emphasized marketing campaigns that focused on the bottom of the purchase funnel. When I talked to Finance, I honed-in on budget updates and return on investment (ROI). When I engaged with product marketing teams, I shared the value propositions and product content that we promoted through integrated demand generation campaigns. I’ve learned through my experience that the story I tell needs to be about them, not about sales or marketing. I relate to your customers and internal stakeholders. And I address your challenges with them, head-on!

One more thing: I love answering sales and marketing questions on my podcast, B2B Marketing and More, or YouTube channel. Send me your challenges via @pamdidner. I will see what I can do.





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What People Are Saying

Few people get content marketing across borders as well as Pam Didner does. This book is clear, well-structured, well-written and packed with practical advice.
Joe Pulizzi

Content marketing across borders is a different animal. In this smart, practical and authoritative book, Pam Didner has tamed this animal for all of us.
Doug Kessler

Many have tried, but few have actually pulled it off. Built on real world case studies, and first hand experience, this book is the blueprint for engineering a modern scalable content marketing operation.
Pawan Deshpande

A valuable guide to understanding how to develop your global content effectively.
Nancy Bhagat, TE Connectivity

Creating content for one market is one thing, but sending that content on a world tour is another. Pam is the authority on global content marketing and her book helps marketers truly achieve global success.
Jason A. Miller, Linkedin

Great book. I suggest reading it once and then going back and reading it with a pen in hand and take notes. Not only a good read but packed with good ideas. Looking forward to seeing her present someday.
Amazon review by TW Gaul

Excellent food for thought! Made me think about my business plan, and my long term goals. Even though I am just starting out a small business, I feel that the advices in the book was useful. Well written, with a good language, and a clear read thread throughout the book.
Amazon review by Maira Jansson

Great book for anyone looking to develop a content marketing strategy. Pam Didner breaks down the nebulous term into easy-to-understand pieces, using examples sophisticated strategies and tactics from current marketing campaigns. A must-read for any marketer looking to add content marketing skills to their resume.
Amazon review by Tina

Let’s start with the fact that there is no other book than this one on global content marketing in the world. None. Not one that unpacks the complexities of content across borders, setting KPIs that work for everyone, and even some rules to live by like “servant leadership” and how important it is to ’embrace the chaos.’ I recently took a job as Director of Global Content for a global software company based in the UK, and her book has become my bible….
Amazon Review by Melissa Romo