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For some, it’s a stigma to work for one corporation for almost twenty years. For me, it was a blessing. I know. I know. Staying at a company that long is old school, uncool. However, I was fortunate to be part of a wonderful tech company that encouraged its employees to change positions and departments to gain a deeper understanding of the overall organization while avoiding stagnation.

I started in finance and accounting and eventually moved to project management, product support, procurement, supply-chain management, marketing operations, event marketing, sales support, and global marketing strategy and planning. I learned first-hand while filling a broad array of senior positions, how a big global enterprise operates. I worked through various corporate challenges and pain points.

Now, when talking with my clients, I relate instantly to their own issues. I get it!

This diversified experience also taught me to see the same event through different internal stakeholders’ eyes. When I was searching for buy-in, I was able to speak their language.

For example: when I pitched the marketing budget to the sales team, I emphasized marketing campaigns that focused on the bottom of the purchase funnel. When I talked to Finance, I honed in on budget updates and return-on-investment (ROI). When I engaged with product marketing teams, I shared the value propositions and product content that we promoted through integrated demand-generation campaigns.

I’ve learned through my experience that the story I tell needs to be about them, not about sales or marketing. I relate to your customers and internal stakeholders. And I address your challenges with them, head-on!

One more thing: I love answering sales and marketing questions on my podcast, B2B Marketing and More, or YouTube channel. Send me your challenges via @pamdidner. I will see what I can do.








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“I loved working with Pam! She has great energy and insight and a no bullshit way of delivering a powerful message.”

Sue Bruning

VP of Marketing and Communications Cascade

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