A big hello from Portland, Oregon. Welcome to another episode of B2B Marketing & More. Today, I have a fantastic guest. Emily Bendorf, Manager at Southwest Airlines, leads the Sales Enablement team for Southwest Business. Emily was a founding member of the Sales Operations group and helped build processes and tools to support the B2B sales organization.

Sales enablement at Southwest and on the Southwest business team is mostly focused on being the liaison between the marketing department, enterprise marketing for consumers, and then their B2B sales team. There’s a sister team that focuses on training and development of their salespeople, and our team manages our sales enablement tool, our CRM tool, and all of that is within the Sales Ops organization.

Today we’re going to talk about sales enablement, and how to work with the sales team. Let’s get started.

In this episode:

  • What does it take for a company to become customer-centric?
  • How can companies make the transition and decide to form a sales enablement group?
  • What is the secret of effective communication with salespeople?
  • What are some common sales team requests, and how to resolve them efficiently?
  • How to hire and develop a great sales enablement team?
  • How to connect and work with management and sales enablement team on prioritization, resilience and flexibility
  • What approaches could be used to filter requests from the sales team?
  • What are some of the challenges of working with sales teams, and how to resolve them?
  • Looking ahead, what are the two things that sales enablement teams should do in 2021 and 2022?

Quotes from the episode:

“One thing that’s so fortunate about our group is that we have such a great working and personal relationship with both of [our] teams. That really sets us up for success and allows us to do our job well.”

“We’ve really tried to balance chase and perfection. So that can be hard to do. It depends on the leaders you work for, in terms of the grace given there, but we have many initiatives and things we want to deliver to our customers.”


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