A quick story to share with you: People listen to my episodes and send me comments or questions privately.

Well, I was at Content Marketing World and trying to get ready for my session. A big and tall gentleman, Danny Harris, approached me and said, “Pam, you’ve changed your podcast title and logo.”

I was like, “What?” Someone actually noticed that I changed my podcast title from “7 Minute Marketing with Pam” to “B2B Marketing and More with Pam Didner.” Wow!! I was shocked. Danny said: “Yeh, I listened to your podcast.” OMG, I actually met a listener in person the first time. I was jumping up and down in front of him and gave him the biggest hug. He probably thought I was crazy.

Danny and I started chatting and he asked me why I decided to make the podcast title and branding change. Now, since he asked, let me take a moment to share with you why I decided to make the change.

I feel that my listeners tend to tune in for my content. The change of podcast title and image are not why they focus on, plus, I am not sure if they care. In addition, I am still addressing one marketing question 7 minutes at a time. It’s still about content marketing, sales enablement, and B2B Marketing. It’s not like that the content is shifting from content marketing to yoga or something. That’s why I didn’t make a big fuss about the change.

Here are 3 reasons for the change:

  1. Different identity at different stages: If you are a long-time listener, you know that I’ve shared lessons learned from relaunching my website for the 4th time in 5 years. I talked about that in Episode 56. It’s part of my “independent consulting” evolution over the past 5 years. I started as a content marketing consultant, then wrote my 2nd book about sales enablement, which is an extension of content marketing. My service offerings and client-base have been expanding as well. My value proposition is different. I want to elevate the topics I talk about beyond just content marketing and sales enablement and touch on the broader topics of B2B marketing. That’s one reason to change from 7 min marketing from Pam Didner to B2B marketing and more.
  2. Search optimization: While I own 7 Minute Marketing with Pam, I think it’s better to be searchable for B2B marketing. In a way, I tried to find a title to align with a topic that people search. Given that I am in B2B marketing, why don’t I dial that up? That’s a simple and easy reason why I make the title change.
  3. YouTube Channel: I am a writer. I express myself better as a writer. However, I also understand that people consume content differently. Some people like to read, some prefer to listen and many like to watch videos. I want to explore using another format to share my experience, templates and know-how. Being in front of the video really pushes me beyond my comfort zone. Since I am exploring a new content format, I want to use an overarching title that covers both podcast and my YouTube channel. 7 min marketing with Pam Didner is fine, but I was wondering if I could create a title that tells people what the YouTube Channel is really about.

My team came up with several titles such as:

  • The Pam Didner Show. Well, it really doesn’t say what this show is about.
  • How to Become a Badass B2B Marketer. This is a bit too specific.
  • B2B Marketing with Pam. Well, this is specific.
  • Grow Your B2B Marketing Knowledge. This is very boring.
  • All Things B2B Marketing with Pam Didner. This is not bad.

I didn’t like any one of them. I went through all the titles with my husband, Mike. Then, he said what about “B2B Marketing and More with Pam Didner” I was like Viola! That’s it. You know what, sometimes, you spot something, you are like, that’s it. That’s exactly what you want or what you are looking for. When I heard him utter those words, I knew that’s what I want.

Danny, I didn’t explain well when we met why I made the title and log changes. So here it is. Thank you so much for telling me you like the new logo. Creating that podcast logo is a story of its own. I’ll share that later. A lot of drama…

Danny and I connected again after CMW. He asked me another question: “Why does the company need to invest in B2B marketing?” A great question!! I’ll address that in my next episode. Stay tuned.

Again, if you like the content, please subscribe to the podcast. If you are a YouTube watcher, subscribe to my YouTube channel. I publish one video a week.

Before you leave, make sure to check out the previous podcast episodes.

Have a great day!!

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