Revitalize Your Brand awareness and demand gen with a 90-Day Marketing Strategy Overhaul

According to, the running total of layoffs for 2023 to date is 249,891 from 1122 tech companies as of 11/21/23.

Revitalize Your Brand

Not surprisingly, marketing groups in these impacted companies are hit the hardest.

Whoever is left behind is in shock and doesn’t want to rock the boat. Whoever is left takes their tribal knowledge with them. Marketing is either in shambles or stalled.

So, if you are part of a scaled-back marketing team and are given a tall order to revive your marketing, how do you go about doing it to create an impact in a short period of time?

Set up a 90-day marketing sprint

This is what my 90-Day Revenue Reboot is all about. We work together to give ourselves a marketing plan deadline to be reached within 90 days! I’ll be your coach and team member.

I’ll help you rally the remaining marketing team members, as well as reach out to sales and product teams to understand what they are doing, especially on the sales side. If sales are actively going after existing strategic accounts or new prospects, let’s find a way to lend them a hand.

Working with sales is a good baby step to start reviving your marketing efforts. The other way is to determine what we can do to get the most leads or highest conversions with select marketing channels.

My job is to make sure that you are super-focused and place calculated marketing bets that will increase MQL to SQL conversion rates, not just the number of MQLs.

Let’s work together to revitalize your brand.

Phase 1: Let’s sit back to assess and analyze

The secret to this phase is that WE NEED TO THINK TOGETHER! I’ll guide you to look inward and think hard by evaluating and assessing the marketing efforts you’ve made. Collectively, we’ll have a point of view on what worked and what didn’t.

Often, you don’t have all the data to determine which channels work. That’s okay, I’ll help you to make a call based on the data at hand.

Pulling data from various sources for marketing assessments and competitive analysis is incredibly mundane, time-consuming, and frustrating. Occasionally, you’ll feel that you are led down different rabbit holes and that you’re facing the overwhelming feeling of analysis paralysis. I’ve been there many times.

This is not a phase that you want to struggle through alone, so let’s work together to review the data and make sense out of them. When coming down to data analysis, you need a sounding board, a friend or a colleague who you can work side-by-side with who also knows marketing well.

Phase 2: Strategy Development and Implementation

I often find this stage of a 90-day reboot super fun.

Seasoned B2B marketers or senior marketing managers usually don’t have problems thinking strategically, but the challenge is how to convey your strategic ideas and plans into something visual that everyone can understand and comprehend without going through 100 slides.

This is where I excel. I’ve developed standardized templates for various marketing plans to help you communicate strategies and implementations in a succinct manner.

The crucial part of the 90-day effort is to articulate the plan so well that you get buy-in or green lights from your executives and management team.

You don’t have time to waste creating a lengthy deck. It’s time to get the deck created right after the assessment and strategy development are completed.

Keep the momentum going!

Phase 3: Execution and Agile Adjustment

Once a plan is approved, it’s showtime! Execute based on the plan you put together. Remember – a solid plan doesn’t necessarily mean a smooth and easy execution! It only means that you know your North Star.

A good plan provides a sense of clarity, but digital marketing execution in the context of media buy, email outreach, events, social media, etc. is never easy, and it hinges on your martech stack and the quality of your customer data.

During the execution, you also need to be agile to adjust the processes based on what you have.

Vetting the data is something that B2B marketers tend to ignore. I’ve worked with clients to evaluate and vet customer data. This is something no one wants to do, but I work closely with the data team or outside agency partners to clean up or update the data.

This is a step that can’t be skipped as it would totally impact the execution success of your 90-day program if the customer data is not clean. We want to avoid garbage in, garbage out.

Phase 4: Measurement and Scaling Success

When I work with clients on this phase, it’s less about setting up measurement goals; that should be done in phase 2, the strategy discussion. In this phase, you need to make sure a process is in place to measure the successes you set up in advance.

If it’s a manual process, so be it. If you can get the process automated to scale your success, this is the phase to do so.

Conclusion: You Can Make Marketing Impacts in Just Three Months

It’s feasible to DIY in terms of reviving your marketing in 90 days. But it also requires you to be super-focused and on top of everything.

Sometimes, you just need a friend, a coach, an outside team member to guide and cheer you along the way. Someone who has gone through the pain like you and is willing to be in the trenches with you to get things done.

In addition, there are many dots to connect in the modern B2B digital marketing, from strategies, right down to creative concepts, copy, and even just where to place your “contact sales” button on your website. Marketing success is the sum of all parts.

Brand transformation is one step at a time.

Having an extra set of eyes will only increase your chance of success.

Real-World Examples: Successful 90-Day Revenue Reboot – Marketing Turnaround

I worked with a client closely to zero in on specific marketing challenges and create feasible solutions. In just three months of a fast and furious marketing turnaround process, we were able to quickly show results after several rounds of layoffs and budget cuts.

In this real-world example, we worked on just three main things during the 90-day:

  • Retooled their messaging
  • Rebuilt their email marketing campaigns with better customer segmentation
  • Crafted a plan to support 10 target points of account outreach (account-based-marketing)

The team and I crafted the plan and presented it to the leadership team. We scoped it clearly on what we would do, and laid out only one success metric:

  • Number of prospects who expressed interest in talking to sales (our email marketing CTA was to contact sales)

During the 90-day, we kept them updated every two weeks.

Ultimately, the outcome of the success metric was short of reaching our goal by 20%, but the leadership and sales team were pleased with the efforts we implemented because they knew exactly what we would do. And we did just that.

Most importantly, they knew we gave it our best shot!

So, here’s what I’ll do for you during the process:

Assess and Analyze:

  • Gather input from you and your team
  • Start with a 4-hour “code-red” working session

Strategy Development:

  • Craft an ongoing plan
  • Get buy-in from sales and management

Execution and Agile Adjustment:

  • Work with the team to execute
  • Make any necessary changes to the plan as we go

Measurement and Scaling Success

  • Establish measurement tracking processes
  • Communicate revenue-impact results

The 90-day revenue reboot is all about less talking and more action.

I’ll work side-by-side with your team to figure out details, processes, martech, and everything in between. Let’s put our heads together to get things moving.

Schedule a free strategy call with me here.

What can Pam Didner do for you?

Being in the corporate world for 20+ years and having held various positions from accounting and supply chain management, and marketing to sales enablement, she knows how corporations work. She can make you and your team a rock star by identifying areas to shine and do better. She does that through private coaching, keynote speaking, workshop training, and hands-on consulting. Contact her or find her on LinkedIn and Twitter. A quick note: Check out her new 90-Day Revenue Reboot, if you are struggling with marketing.