It’s easy to create a content strategy for one country, but what if your company is growing and you need to scale content across regions?

Is there a way to scale your content in an effective manner? Is global content only about translation?

Building a scalable global content strategy requires planning and collaboration with your headquarters team, as well as on the ground — and you must receive their input and feedback upfront.

Who Should Attend: If you or your team are working to repurpose and reuse your content for different regions or countries, this session is for you.

In this session, you’ll learn how to create a global content marketing plan and develop a repeatable collaboration process for your teams to work across multiple time zones.

After the session, you’ll take back to your team on how to:

  • Create a scalable global content marketing plan

  • Lead the discussions with your team members

  • Work together to scale content across the regions

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Watch on-demand here, to learn how to create a scalable global content marketing strategy.

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