I was talking to Kelly Hungerford, Director of Content, Community and Communications at Paper.li, to prepare for my 12/9 Twitter Chat, Scaling Your Content Marketing for Global Reach. I started asking her how she promotes her Twitter Chats. What she shared really amazes me:


Kelly usually writes a blog to promote the upcoming Twitter Chat. If the guest has a book, she would read the book and write a short book review. The blog serves as a prelude for the chat. Of course, she promotes the chat frequently on Twitter and other Paper.li communications channels.

Pre-chat framing post:

Social Media Content

Promotional Tweet for the Chat:

Social Media Engagement

Post-Chat (Ok, here is the best part):

Kelly will go through the stream of tweets and select thought-provoking tweets. These tweets will become “the thought of the day” tweets for 7-10 days after the chat.

Social Media Engagement

repurposing content tweetchat\

repurposing content

If she has time, she creates a short presentation to summarize the key takeaways and posts it to Slideshare.net, that’s another piece of content from the chat.

repurposing content

Oh, she is not done yet!

She picks some funny or memorable tweets, turns them into ‘posters’ using tweets and images and shares them on Twitter, Facebook, and Paper.li community.

Repurposing content examples

Wow, I was in awe of how she repurposes, repackages and reuses the Twitter Chats. She said that she could easily create 10-15 pieces of content out of the chat and fill one week’s worth of her editorial calendar.

I have never thought of reusing chat content. Kelly told me that she has worked in four start-ups in the past ten years. With small budgets, she has needed to be imaginative, resourceful and innovative. Any original and long-form content can be broken down into micro-content and the micro-content can easily be consolidated into another format of macro-content. You just need to look for the dots to connect.

Thank you for sharing your ideas, Kelly. Now, I need to think of some thought-provoking tweets for my upcoming Twitter Chat!

About Kelly Hungerford: Kelly’s a customer-centric marketer with over 25 years of experience helping special project teams and startups bootstrap operations. She’s a specialist in connecting the dots between content, communications and customer service to grow thriving communities that turn foes into friends and users into loyal, loving brand fans. Follow her @KDHungerford.

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