Content curation, if done effectively, can save a lot of time and money while providing results. Of course, original content will generally perform best and help reinforce your brand, but don’t knock curated content just yet. Finding relevant articles to share and post can help to boost your SEO rankings, increase your posting frequency and save you time and money.

Read the below articles to explore ways in which to optimize your curated content and further evaluate the value and effectiveness of curated content.

How Content Curation Fits Into Your Marketing Mix, Pt 1

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Pawan Deshpande, the author of this post, is the founder and CEO of Curata, and a contributor to the HootSource blog. This is part 1 of a two-part post. Content marketing has become a red-hot buzzword for brands of all sizes.

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How Content Curation Can Benefit Your Blog

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Image source here. As a blogger who works full-time, I plan my editorial with a mix of original content and curated content. I write 1-2 blogs a week, then I curate 3 rd party content via PublishThis and showcases selective third party content in a newspaper format while the offerings from PublishThis are in blog form.

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5 Ways to Curate Content for Your Content Marketing – Jeffbullas’s Blog

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For today’s marketer, it is well known that only sharing your own content is not sufficient. Potential customers want to feel that you can provide them with valuable content, regardless of the source. Content curation, namely the strategy of disseminating valuable content from an outside source to your community – in this case, your social community – is the go-to strategy for this.

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Content Curation & Conversation Tools: An Analysis of 12 Technology Solutions in a Disruptive Marketplace

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Download our 43-page guide-the second in CMI’s Content Marketing Technology Landscape series of reports on technology solutions for powering content marketing-detailing 12 technology solutions focused on conversation and content curation tools Author: Robert Rose, Chief Strategist, Content Marketing Institute Publication Date: November 2013 This report looks at technology tools that content marketers can use to curate content and promote engagement around their brands.

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What is Content Curation?

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Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter. Though it is still considered a ‘buzz word’ by many in the content world, content curation is now becoming a marketing staple for many companies with a successful online presence.Unlike content marketing, content curation does include generating content, but instead, amassing content from a variety of sources, and delivering it in an organized fashion.

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