Are you In Switzerland? Are you an entrepreneur, small business owner, or a marketer – looking for ways to maximize your content marketing efforts, and create a successful synergy with social media? If you answer with YES, than this 2-part workshop is for you.

Kelly Hungerford and I teamed up to do a workshop in Lausanne in May. It was well-received! We decided to do it again, this time is in Geneva! Yeah!

And that is not all! Before I share the Workshop details there are two more introductory events you should know about.

Kelly is a VP of Women in Switzerland an excellent Swiss community of women working in digital. Together we arranged a content marketing meetup on October 25th: The New Rules of Content Marketing It will be a great opportunity to learn more about the Workshop, and to meet some fantastic people, including expert panelists who will share tips on content marketing topics.

In case you can’t make it to Geneva, on Wednesday 26th we’ll be in Lausanne: How to Use New Rules of Content Marketing to Your Advantage It’s a unique opportunity to discuss how to use content marketing effectively to market your business. Also, I will share tips and tricks from strategy through implementation.


Based on the learning we captured during the Lausanne, Kelly and I decided to offer two 3.5-hour workshop this time. The morning workshop focuses more on strategy setting and campaign integration of earned, owned and paid media, while the afternoon workshop focuses on maximizing content and social media marketing. Both sessions will be packed with case studies and best practices. There will be some overlap between the two sessions, but the two presentations are different. Here are the details of the two sessions:

  • Date: 10/28/2016
  • Time: 9:00 – 12:00 and 1:30 – 4:30
  • Location: Voisins Coworking Space, Place du Grenus 4, 1201, Geneva
  • Pricing: CHF 159 per session or CHF 258 for both sessions (with CHF 60 discount)

Morning Session:



Session Description: The modern marketing landscape has changed dramatically. It’s more and more challenging to create an integrated campaign with fragmented marketing channels. How can we better leverage content across various marketing channels? Can we use the same content or should we customize them? Pam will share the practices of evaluating your content and determining the content to share for different channels. Packed with practical examples, case studies and how-tos. After the session, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend the relationship among the owned, paid and earned media
  • Understand the content needs in each media
  • Grasp ideas and practices to scale content across different media

Afternoon Session:



Session Description: Effective and useful content is key to social media, yet marketing isn’t all about social media. Are there better ways to search and curate content for your social media? What are the content types? How best to plan your editorial plan? Pam Didner will discuss the delicate intricacies of building synergy between your social media and content marketing efforts. Plenty of tips and case studies to help you do your job better!

  • Leverage different content for social media success
  • Shape content editorial planning by providing social media insights
  • Connect the dots between social media and content

When Kelly and I met the first time, she worked at a start-up, while I was at a big corporation. With our different roles and experience on two continents, we learned by doing and experimenting with different tactics of modern marketing, especially in social media and digital marketing. We love to share our mistakes, success and industry best practices. Come join us!! We’d love to meet you!

You can check out all the details and register for the Workshop here

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