90-Day Sales Enablement Challenge

Now is the perfect time for a strategy shake-up.

That’s where the 90-Day Sales Enablement Challenge comes in—a refreshing, practical initiative designed to improve collaboration between B2B marketing and sales teams, turning straightforward, actionable steps into powerful drivers of revenue.

Learn how you can activate the 5 key takeaways for challenge success, including:

  1. Alignment with Sales: Engaging with key stakeholders to understand their needs and prioritizing initiatives that align with revenue goals.
  2. Strategy and Prioritization: Selecting impactful initiatives with measurable outcomes.
  3. Securing Buy-In: Securing buy-in from sales to ensure everyone’s on board with the plan.
  4. Implementation and Adaptation: Developing a detailed plan and timeline for executing the initiatives.
  5. Sharing Results: Transparently assessing the outcomes after 90 days, celebrating successes and embracing key takeaways for continuous improvement.

It’s time to ditch outdated marketing strategies and adopt a new, collaborative approach to revenue generation.

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