I had the pleasure of speaking at the Custom Content Council Conference. It was wonderful to be in sunny Naples, Florida for a change. The topic of my presentation was “Reimagine Content: Help Them Help Me.” I shared how to make my stakeholders’ jobs easier by having them help me accomplish what I need to achieve. Somehow, this presentation was also featured as “Today’s Top Slideshares” on the same day. As of today, this presentation has received over 33K views.

Reimagine Content from Pam Didner

Here are the problems I address:

My stakeholders can create content if they have the budget and resources. I don’t have the power to stop them and they all demand to have their content promoted on various channels. In addition, I can’t really lose their alliance, since I count on their content and subject matter expertise. At the end of the day, we end up with a wide array of content.

My approach:

Help them to help me

Agree on the audience, topics and messaging:

Take time to discuss target audiences, audiences’ challenges and product messaging with internal stakeholders. You may discover that the target audience and messaging are the most contentious subjects. Therefore, explain why specific audiences are the targets from a business goals perspective. Once the internal stakeholders agree on the target audience, you should identify pain points, challenges and product usage scenarios. Pain point and challenges drive editorial planning while product usages scenarios map to messaging.

Find possible ways to add value to internal stakeholders:

  • Consolidate all internal stakeholders’ content production schedules and provide a holistic view on who is creating what content and when.
  • Allocate resources and budget to help internal stakeholders create better content.
  • Share content promotional plans with them and let them understand how their content will be promoted.
  • Communicate how their content performs. Share content views and comments.

Discover where they need help and find solutions to help them out.

As a result, we are working together to create relevant content for agreed upon target audiences (well, most of the time). Check out the presentation. I would love to hear your feedback.

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