How to Develop a World-class Internal Communications Plan


Course Description:

Internal communications is critical in helping B2Bs convey the value of newly-formed teams, and to deliver key messages to internal stakeholders and the group itself. This course is designed to give you a quick and easy breakdown of stages and deliverables that will help you create an effective internal communications plan in just five steps! The material is segmented into chronological stages which outline key objectives and strategies, and valuable templates are provided throughout to drive lessons home. Even better, it’s an easy-read with fun visuals, so you can get to the actual planning and execution in no time!

After reading the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of an internal communications plan
  • Define your team’s role within the company to create objectives and strategies
  • Identify the five key stages of planning and execution
  • Appoint team members to appropriate roles (such as leadership) in your team’s planning and execution process
  • Establish a high-level and detailed timeline to communicate messages and objectives to team members and internal stakeholders
  • Understand your options for the kinds of tools necessary for success, like intranets, webinar, e-mail etc.
  • Source and assess valuable feedback from internal stakeholders to keep your plan moving forward
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