How To Build Global Content Marketing Team


This course is set up to quickly and easily help B2B marketers design the organizational structure of your company’s content marketing team in just 115 slides! Okay, that may sound like a lot, but the deck utilizes clear, concise,easily-digestible slides to help you create a plan to move forward!  It’s a pleasant read which employs fun visuals and several examples of organizational structures; each company’s content marketing structure is unique, and the proposed organizational charts you’ll find in the presentation are good starting points if you are contemplating building your global content marketing team.

After going through the presentation, you will be able to:

  • Access your current content marketing status in the context of budget and team maturity
  • Conduct a quick gap analysis before you put your international team together
  • Comprehend several examples of organizational structure and modify those to fit your needs

It’s a perfect jumping off point for anyone looking to pull a team together!

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