Build Budget and Team For Your Content Marketing Efforts in Five Steps.


Bundle Description:
Want to take your company’s content marketing to the next level? I’ll go ahead and guess you said, “Yes, Pam, I do!”, in which case my step-by-step guide is about to show you how!

Lesson 1: Content marketing in an enterprise is challenging stuff, but that in no way means it’s impossible! In this section, she’ll help you get to know yourself and your company inside and out to strategically and successfully make your team headcount and budget pitch.

Lesson 2: To further your own budget and headcount goals, it’s important to gauge the current corporate attitude towards content marketing. Here Pam will use a list of questions to help you assess and interpret your company’s content marketing landscape.

Lesson 3: In order to validate your content marketing assessment, it’s vital that you talk to stakeholders and partners. In this section, Pam will provide you with some useful tools and procedures that will help you get to know your internal customers; they’ll be your allies in attaining headcount and budget goals.

Lesson 4: Finally, it’s time to put a pitch together. Now you have a solid understanding of your company’s priorities and your internal stakeholders’ needs. Pam will show you how to think strategically to create a measurable and specific content marketing pitch for optimal results.

Lesson 5: You might have delivered a stellar pitch in favor of more budget and headcount, but management might still be on the fence when it comes to real commitment. Here Pam will show you how to follow up with your company to ensure your efforts don’t fall by the wayside. She’ll also help you map out your next plan of action should management ultimately pass on improvements.

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