Welcome to another episode of B2B Marketing & More! My guest today is Tyler Lindley. Tyler is a senior sales instructor and SDR coach at Vendition, a sales training company.

Tyler also has his podcast “Sales Lift”, with more than 40 episodes. Make sure you check it out.

In this episode:

  • What is SDR?
  • How is SDR different from inside sales and outside sales?
  • Should Sales Development reps be part of sales or marketing?
  • In what ways the structure of business and organization influences SDR position and role?
  • How the account-based marketing model affects SDR role in a company?
  • What is the ideal process that put marketing and SDR together?
  • What are the processes and structure in terms of nurturing and also following up?
  • In what ways Sales Development representatives create a seamless customer experience?
  • How can training improve marketing and sales messaging and consistency?
  • What is happening with inbound leads and should a marketing team undergo some sort of pre-qualification?
  • In what ways Sales Development reps help with handling data?
  • What are the best ways for marketing and sales to exchange information?
  • What Is the process of SDR working through the potential prospects?
  • How does SDR address disqualified leads or lost opportunities?


Quotes from the episode:

“The SDR can potentially add a little bit more context, a little bit more of a human-centric element because it’s an actual individual. So they should be taking the messaging from marketing that might be more of a one-to-many message and contextualizing it for that specific client. ”

“I think that the nurturing can happen from the marketing team or the SDR team. It depends on the value of accounts, the amount of your total addressable market, how many people are actually in your pipeline at a given time. ”


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