I have a special treat for you today. So rather than listen to me talking, I invited a special guest to join us. Priscilla McKinney, founder of Little Bird Marketing join us from Galena, Kansas.

Priscilla has a degree in Cultural Anthropology and her work is at the intersection of marketing, business and market research. She is curious about life, people, places, culture and the interconnectivity of it all. Intrigued by human behavior, she asks the hard questions while seeking to understand what makes people engage, why we buy what we buy and how we justify buying it.

In this episode:

  • What is social selling and why it’s important
  • Why it’s essential to focus on your humanity during social selling and how to do that
  • Who is responsible for social selling within the company
  • How to create the right content, in the proper format, and make it available for the audience.
  • In what ways good company culture and talent management affects social selling
  • What is the connection between brand advocacy and social selling.
  • What should be the focus of social selling
  • How to embark on social selling, and engage with potential customers
  • What are the specific channels that B2B people should use for social selling


Quotes from the episode:

“What I like to remind people is what social selling is not, and it is not actually taking some of the same old school slimy salesy, always-be-closing-approaches and just moving them onto social. Instead, Social selling might use the technology of social media, but it is first and foremost human, it’s collaborative, and it’s connective.”

“Social selling understands that people are not out there having a linear experience in selling, that they go zigzag around, they need to know people and things build on each other in a far more organic way.”


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