Welcome to another episode of B2B Marketing & More! My special guest today is Felix Krueger. Felix is the CEO of Krueger Marketing. His company specializes in sales enablement, Account-Based Marketing for B2B enterprises, and he recently launched his podcast, The State of Sales Enablement.

Today we talk about how to make sales content a competitive advantage.

In this episode:

  • The role of content in sales enablement.
  • Definition of a sales enablement from a sales perspective?
  • The evolution of content in the context of sales enablement and collaboration with marketing.
  • What is the significant difference between marketing content and sales content?
  • How can a content marketer support the sales team? What should they pay attention to?
  • How the current pandemic changed sales and how salespeople build relationships with the customers.
  • In what ways pandemic changed the content use.
  • What are some of the content formats that tend to be a whole lot more popular right now?
  • How can sales fight the distractions of remote work and the new landscape of buyers working from home?
  • How can content help sales in online communication?
  • What industries are impacted the most with the new digital communication, and how they make the transition?
  • What are some of the quick content wins that marketers can use to achieve when collaborating with your sales team?

Quotes from the episode:

“The buyers have changed because a lot of people started working from home. Suddenly, they have all kinds of different distractions. Because people began communicating on their terms, which is often not real-time, buyers have had an increased need for content.”

“There is a big opportunity for [tech] companies to utilize content to deliver a more personalized experience to different roles. Also, if you think about penetrating organizations as a sales team in terms of account-based marketing, you can use content to do the networking.”


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