Hey, big hello from Portland, Oregon. Welcome to another episode of B2B Marketing and More. I have a special guest today who will talk about collaboration.

John Moore is “The Collaborator”. The Collaborator recognizes that, far too often, Enablement efforts are failing to impact their business measurably. John is the VP of Revenue Enablement at Bigtincan, a sales enablement automation company, focused on delivering value to enablement practitioners and leaders.

In this episode:

  • What is a collaborator?
  • What all excellent sales and marketing collaborations have in common?
  • How to define the goal we want to accomplish? What is the difference between a goal and objective?
  • What are some of the challenges of collaboration between sales and marketing? How do we overcome them?
  • How not to turn collaboration into “too many cooks in a kitchen”?
  • What is the role of messaging framework in collaboration?
  • How can sales and marketing collaboration improve personalization efforts?

Quotes from the episode:

“The revenue enablement is about preparing the entire revenue-facing team to be successful, which requires collaboration between marketing sales and customer success. But more broadly, you also have to collaborate well with product marketing, with engineering, in some cases, finance. ”

“The reality is if you look at an organization with the chief revenue officer, they’re the one who talks to the board. They want to gather all the input. Enablement plays a key role in facilitating discovery and collaboration.”


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