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I discussed repurposing, repackaging and reusing content at one of my workshops a couple of weeks ago. One attendee posed this question: “So, can I just take the same blog post we wrote and use it as a script for our podcast? Can I just consolidate 5 case studies into one big eBook?”

Well, yes and no.  In general, the answer is NO. Let me talk about this a little more. The essence of repurposing, repackaging and reusing your content is to repurpose, repackage and reuse the core idea of your content, not to copy exactly from one format to another.

Here is how I do it from my own experience:

I recently did a keynote in Europe.  The title of the keynote was “Humans vs. Machines. Is Content Marketing Doomed?”  I created a 60 slide, image-rich presentation. It had a nice opening and closing with plenty of AI-based marketing examples in the middle. I started with “Good morning!  What comes to your mind when you think of Humans vs. Machines?” When I decided to convert my presentation to a blog post, my opening needed a change.

Here’s the new opening:

I had the great pleasure of speaking at the Best of Content Conference in Vienna. Although the topic is still content marketing, I was focused on the implications of AI: what are the ramifications of AI’s on content marketing?”

So, that was my opening for my blog post.

I mentioned at least 6 different examples in my keynote presentations, but I only used 4 for my blog post.

For the closing of my keynote, I shared Stephen Hawking’s comments that AI may be the last human invention, the invention that ends human civilization. In the long term, he may be right, but I choose to be hopeful. In my blog post, I took a different approach on the closing, I mentioned that no one is creating a robot or a machine to completely take over a marketer’s job. As humans continue to train and teach machines how to learn, we, as marketers, should also continue to develop and learn new skill sets.

For the same topic, I also did a podcast. Since my podcast, 7 min marketing with Pam, is so short, I can’t cover the whole presentation, but I can easily do 6-7 podcasts on the same topic, right?  I started with one podcast with the title: What is AI? Short, sweet, simple in 7 min.

Repurposing, repacking and reusing content requires a lot of thought, just like any original content that you create. You have to take the format and context into consideration. You also need to take into account resources and budget. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Just like everything we do in marketing, it requires thought and planning.

Do you have easy ways to repurpose, repackage and reuse your content?  Please share them with me.

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Be well. Until next time.

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