Ok, what have we not seen in the past six weeks? Well, we’ve seen the stock market collapse and bounce back slightly; we have seen virtual proms. Sorry class of 2020, I know this is a horrible time at this point, probably no graduation and no prom. Hang in there. You guys are fantastic.

We have seen Zoom-style virtual happy hours. Even though we’re staying at home it hasn’t stopped us from drinking. Fantastic! And no, we have to line up to get into Costco or Trader Joe’s. I would never have seen that coming.

And I’d not have guessed that the no.1 most sought-out item during the pandemic would be tp. (Really?! Toilet Paper?!).  I guess it makes sense. It’s kind of like a safety blankie. It kind of makes us feel safe if we pile it up, we feel like we have a control on the environment. It’s a psychological thing.

So, while working from home, are you continuing to make adjustments or starting to look ahead to the adjustments you need to make as marketers post COVID-19? Have you begun to wonder about what behaviors will quickly revert back after the restrictions are lifted and the types of behaviors that will become the new normal?

Understanding our own behavior changes will help us comprehend why some behaviors can easily be adapted and why some just can’t be moulded that easily.

I always tell marketers to connect the dots–to connect the different dots that don’t seem to be related on the surface. The ability to understand your own behavior adaptation patterns can make you better relate your customers’ behavioral changes.  Like I said, connecting the dots.

Questions we should ask ourselves about our customers:

  • What are some of the new normal behaviors for them?
  • Does the new normal work for us or against us?
  • How do we need to modify our positioning and messaging?
  • What types of content should we create to reflect the new normal? How to communicate our findings with our sales teams?
  • Most importantly, how do the “new normal” behaviors shape their purchase journeys and their decision-making processes?

So it’s a way, we too all need to re-understand our customers again. It’s like a couple who has been married for 20 years. Well, now is the time to re-discover each other to rekindle that romance. Yes, rekindle the romance with our customers.

With that understanding (again, it’s about connecting the dots), you need to:

  • Re-plan your overall marketing strategy
  • Re-write existing messaging frameworks
  • Re-document your buyers’ personas
  • Re-update your editorial planning and content production schedule
  • Re-communicate changes to different internal stakeholders
  • Re-adjust your marketing budget and channel mix
  • Re-determine your own KPIs with management buy-in

I created processes and templates for you to re-think all the elements above.

If you are interested, come to my 11:00 am PDT FREE webinar on 5/14. I’ll share the processes and templates and show you how to use them so that you can revise your marketing plan accordingly or at least use the templates as a starting point.

In addition to that, I have a few updates.

  • For people that signed up for “Ask Pam Anything” hours and couldn’t attend, I sent you a short email of my answers to your marketing questions. If you still have questions, please reach out. I can elaborate.
  • I understand it’s been tough for marketers at this time. Budgets have been reduced or are on hold. There has been a lack of clear management direction or, conversely, constant management direction changes due to the uncertainty. If you have any questions or just need someone to talk to, please reach out ANYTIME. (I also work at night, BTW). I am more than happy to provide my thoughts and help you modify my templates for your use. That’s the least I can do during this time to help fellow B2B marketers.
  • I started a FB community for B2B marketers for us to ask questions and support each other. If you want to join, please send me a quick email.
  • If you and your team are doing very, very well to adapt to current circumstances, GREAT!! Please share your processes with me. Let me promote your recovery marketing strategy stories and share your successes. We all need some good news and sharing is caring.  If you haven’t seen the “Some Good News” episodes with John Krasinski you need to. I love John.

If there is anything I can do to help out, offer some additional recovery marketing strategy tips, please send your suggestions. I’m all ears. (Well, just the two really, but I am listening. I am!)

It’s a tough time, but remember, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Ok, total cliche, but true.

Stay healthy and be safe. We’ll talk to each other soon.


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Stay healthy and be well. Take care.

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