If you listen to my podcast on a regular basis, you know that I am not affiliated with any tools or platforms. Occasionally, I mentioned certain tools and platforms for my listeners to check out if they are dealing with specific marketing or sales challenges.

For social media, I’ve been using ‘Buffer’ for several years.

However, a good friend, Lisa, introduced a tool called ‘Lately’ to me. This tool has the functionality of Buffer, but at the same time, it uses AI to autogenerate social media posts for you. You can quickly pick your favorites or edit the posts, then schedule. You can choose how and when you want them to post, or have Lately’s AI schedule for you based on your audience engagement history. You can seamlessly stockpile your post with hash-tags and short-links. Lately will send them as scheduled to help drive traffic back to your website.

In addition, they have built-in dashboards, the graphs are visually compelling and similar to what you see on Tableau or Power BI. As you are publishing your posts, you can see the traffic on different social media channels and correlate it to your website traffic. You can click each day to see the traffic on each social media channel and connect the results with your workflow.

Once the business development manager, Chris Breault, did a quick demo to me and my team.

We were enthusiastic and definitely interested in a free trial. By the time the free trial expired, we signed up to use the tool. You know this is pretty typical for SaaS-based tools. You get a demo, you try, you like and you buy.

There is one thing Chris did which impressed the heck out of me. About one week after we purchase the tool, he sent me an email with a video. I thought this video would be a typical tips and tricks video. No, he created this video for me. He said that he went to my account to check if I am using the tool. He noticed that I’ve been scheduling a bunch of tweets using Lately. That means that I am using the tool. Then, he went on to talk about tips and tricks that may be of interest to me. He also said that if I have any questions, I can schedule another demo with him.

I love that video. What a wonderful follow-up with a new customer. He not only checked on me but also went into the system to make sure that I was using the tool.

Obviously, some people may perceive this as an intrusion of privacy, since he didn’t get my permission to log into my account. I get that!  However, I am running a business, everything I do is business-related. On top of that, all the posts will be public, anyway. In this case, I am OK with him checking on me and providing additional information on what I can do better. However, asking permission is certainly a good protocol to follow.

I purchase many SaaS-based tools, I don’t usually hear from sellers after I complete the financial transaction.

Some tools are used by millions of users and you can’t follow up with everyone. I understand. I just want to say that I liked receiving that personalized email with a video specifically created for me.

The challenge is how to scale that. Do you have any suggestions on how to scale that when your user-base grows?

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