Good morning, everyone! I have super exciting news to share with you. I wrote a little eBook about AI—Artificial Intelligence. Yeah!

Here’s the thing: when I’ve spoken at conferences in the past, it’s been clear to me that marketers are intimidated by AI and don’t know what to make of it. AI piqued my interest when I was doing research for the Technology chapter of my 2nd book, Effective Sales Enablement. Ever since, my fascination has skyrocketed.

To help marketers and sales teams better understand AI, I wrote a 9000-word Kindle ebook:

The Modern AI Marketer: How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing to Get Ahead.

I am a strong believer that modern marketers need a firm grounding in relevant technologies so they can use it to their advantage. I am not saying that you need to write code or implement AI initiatives at this time. But as a starter, it’s nice to understand what it is and have some ideas on what it can do for you as a marketer.

The book starts with simple definitions, history, and then I dive into the various marketing-specific benefits of using AI, from running hyper-targeted automated email campaigns to extending reach and improving the overall customer experience online and offline.

It’s an easy read. I promise! And I make it fun. So go to Amazon, type my name, Pam Didner or the name of the book Modern AI Marketer. Download automatically to your Kindle.

Oh, at the end of the eBook, I also provide a list of useful books and online resources.

I am positive that you’ll get a good sense of AI, and discover how to apply it in your own way.

Happy AI reading!

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So, be well and let’s connect again next week.

What can Pam Didner do for you?

Being in the corporate world for 20+ years and having held various positions from accounting and supply chain management, and marketing to sales enablement, she knows how corporations work. She can make you and your team a rock star by identifying areas to shine and do better. She does that through private coaching, keynote speaking, workshop training, and hands-on consulting. Contact her or find her on LinkedIn and Twitter. A quick note: Check out her new 90-Day Revenue Reboot, if you are struggling with marketing.