Senior executives are very busy therefore they may not be 100% up-to-date about your plans. Before presenting a marketing plan, it’s important to have a two-page summary to guide them and get them up to speed.

The 1st slide of the summary contains:

  • Sales goals
  • Business objectives
  • Marketing objectives
  • Marketing Strategies

The 2nd slide of the summary includes:

  • Personas
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Success Metrics

Personas: It’s a marketer’s job to determine personas for marketing outreach. Different product divisions have different personas. You can’t support them all. You need to prioritize based on your limited budget and resources. So, identify the appropriate personas that you want to reach to drive revenue. Be able to articulate why you chose the ones you did as opposed to others.

Tactics: these are specific actions and deliverables which need to be accomplished to support objectives.

Here are some examples of how objectives, strategy, and tactics are tied together:

Marketing objective: Drive demand through lead generation & nurturing in [specific] industries or verticals

MKT strategy: Implement marketing automation and CRM to track and nurture leads from end to end.

MKT Tactics:

  • Identify specific marketing automation and CRM tools that you will implement.
  • Articulate key deliverables and milestones for your demand gen efforts.

Success metrics: Metrics depends on your marketing tactics. If you do e-mail, it can be an open rate, if you do events, it can be business cards you collect. if you do banner ads, it may be a goal of driving traffic to your website. For B2B, the common goals are likely to be the number of leads or prospects. Work with your teams to determine a relevant set of success metrics.

Use a two-pager to ground your mgmt before going into the details of your marketing plan.

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