Today I have a special, special, guest. It’s a very good friend, Michael Brenner. And he’s a CMO influencer, motivational speaker. He is the owner of the Marketing Insider Group. There’s a lot of useful contents regarding content marketing, search marketing. So anything digital marketing related. Michael is also a speaker and author, former marketing leader (SAP, Nielsen, Startups), helping companies attract and win new customers with strategic content.

Welcome, Michael.

In this episode:

  • How is the B2B marketing landscape doing as a whole in the changing environment
  • How can marketers use the context to win new customets
  • What are the benefits of sales and marketing alignment and using ABM
  • What should marketers and brands focus on when reaching out to customers
  • How to shift the focus on customer retention
  • When making changes what should marketers do first
  • What questions should marketers ask what should they be doing at a tactical level for 2021

Quotes from the episode:

“The best way to get profit is to focus on customers, and the best team that can lead that transformation is marketing.”

“Have a plan to address those [sales] challenges, create the context for your solutions. And ask the sales team what their greatest challenges are. Quantify and create strategies to address them. That’s it? Simple stuff.”


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