Welcome to another episode of 7-Minute Marketing with Pam. My name is Pam Didner. I love sharing a little dose of B2B, digital, content marketing and sales enablement, seven minutes at a time.

I launched a brand-new workshop titled ‘How to leverage existing marketing elements to enable sales’, at B2B Marketing Exchange in February. The workshop was sold out. For it, I created a list of questions and a series of templates to guide marketers to think creatively about ways to help sales using existing marketing elements. Overall feedback was positive for the framework, questions, and templates, but several people requested more case studies. Ok, that’s good feedback. I’ll certainly incorporate that accordingly.

In addition to private client training, I am doing 3 more workshops this year as of now.

Interact19, April 9-10 in Columbus, Ohio.

My workshop is called sales and marketing alignment. This will be a 6-hour long session in which I’ll touch on sales/marketing collaboration, service level agreement, MQL definition, mapping sales and marketing content and account-based marketing. Again, I’ll also provide a series of templates. If you are interested, please use the promo code, PAMFRIEND10, to get 10% off.

If you are a marketing manager in corporate/central marketing or a product marketing manager in the business unit supporting sales, you will find this workshop helpful.

MAICON, July 16-18 in Cleveland, Ohio

There has been a lot of discussion about artificial intelligence and marketing lately. I am creating another brand-new workshop: Artificial Intelligence for Sales Enablement, which will be given at MAICON, Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference on July 16-18 in Cleveland, Ohio.  The purpose of AI is to either automate existing processes or enable new processes that were not possible before. I will look at the sales stages and identify areas that can use AI to be more efficient and effective. You can use DIDNER200 to get $200 off your conference registration fee.

Content Marketing World 2019, September 3-6, Cleveland, Ohio

This will be my 9th year in a row speaking at Content Marketing World. I invite you to join me at my Workshop: How to Leverage Your Existing Marketing Programs and Content To Enable Your Sales Team (link). I’ll take what I created for B2B Marketing Exchange and expand it with additional case studies and best practices. If you missed my first workshop, you can catch this one at Content Marketing World. Use Promo Code: DIDNER19 to get $100 off of CMWorld conference pass.

I promise you that my workshop is fun, engaging and interactive.

If you decide to attend any of these workshops, let me know and send me your questions in advance. I’ll make sure that I address your questions head-on during the workshop. If you have best practices to share, let me know as well. More than happy to share your good work and give you and your company credit.

Again, reach out ANYTIME. I’d love to hear from you.

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Keep hustling, my friends. I hope to see you at my workshops.


What can Pam Didner do for you?

Being in the corporate world for 20+ years and having held various positions from accounting and supply chain management, and marketing to sales enablement, she knows how corporations work. She can make you and your team a rock star by identifying areas to shine and do better. She does that through private coaching, keynote speaking, workshop training, and hands-on consulting. Contact her or find her on LinkedIn and Twitter. A quick note: Check out her new 90-Day Revenue Reboot, if you are struggling with marketing.