I interviewed Neal Schaffer who is a social media and influencer marketing expert. Neal recently published his fourth book, The Age of Influence. He is already thinking about his fifth book! #Amazing

Here is the quick summary of the podcast:

  1. Neal shared the definition of influencer marketing. It’s about social media users who have built a community around publishing content frequently about a specific topic.
  2. Over time, these users build a certain level of following. With many people having much to say, it also creates democratization of information in recent years.
  3. He also touches on the differences between employee advocacy and influencer marketing. You can be an advocate for your company and an influencer at the same time. Starting at the CEO level down to employees, you can not only be your brand’s advocate but also have different levels of influences depending on your social media following. There are different spheres of influence.
  4. Neal also pointed out that influencer marketing is a long-term play. It’s about building relationships. Many brands invite influencers to their customer events and provide sneak-peek of product reviews. Help influencers understand the company, the product, and the culture better.
  5. Sourcing the right mix of influences is also critical. Work with the team on the selection criteria. Understand your objective and KPIs. Make sure that there is a natural alignment between influencers’ expertise and your products and services. Also, broaden your definition of influencers to customers, partners, and followers as well.

Listen to the podcast, get some fresh influencer marketing tips, and check out Neal’s book, The Age of Influence. Find out the habit that he picked up that he would have never expected due to COVID 19!


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