Question: Hey Pam, how do you make a living as a personal consultant?

If you ask different independent consultants, you’ll get different answers.

But for me, here are the 4 categories of my revenue stream:

  1. Speaking – Speaking opportunities at conferences. People reach out to me organically via my website.
  2. Teaching- I teach an online course at West Virginia University. It’s a lot of work and doesn’t pay a lot, but I really enjoy it.
  3. Consulting – Marketing planning and execution. I work with clients and help them create marketing plans. I also work with them to implement tactics such as email marketing content creation or campaign execution. Another aspect of consulting is facilitation, I facilitate workshops and do 3-6hrs workshop focusing on ‘how-tos’ and setting up the processes of content and digital marketing
  4. Coaching – I receive requests from young marketing professionals who reach out to me via Linkedin. I give advice on their career planning or work with them on marketing plans

I’ve been fortunate to launch my own career after 20-year in the corporate world. Working for myself as an independent consultant requires a lot of hustling and self-motivation. The work never ends.

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