In talking to many of my clients, I’ve found that there often doesn’t seem to be a nurturing stream to address leads rejected by the sales team. In some cases, these leads are not even routed back to the marketing automation system. When they are routed back, they are just treated like any other leads as part of regular email campaigns.

During one of my workshops, an attendee asked me if we should have a separate nurturing stream for rejected leads. If we do, how should we segment rejected leads?

I told her that we should segment rejected leads based on the rejected reasons or causes identified in the CRM tool. Say, the causes in the CRM tools are “chose competitor,” “lack of budget,” “not ready,” or “lack of response.”

We can drill down more with our sales reps to understand each cause better.

Then, we can craft our email stream based on these causes. If the prospects sourced from our competitor, the recommendation may be to add them to the regular email campaigns. One of my clients simply deletes them from the database, because, in their industry, once the sourcing decision is made, people don’t usually make a change for several years.

In this workshop, we ended up doing a working session together as a team to create nurture streams for each cause. The action item out of the workshop was to review the nurture stream with the sales team to get their input before implementation.

So, how do you manage rejected leads from your sales team? I’d love to hear from you.

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