Many people download my materials and templates. I usually follow up with a personalized email to thank them for downloading the eBook. I also ask them to send me any questions they may have after reading the eBook. Whether it’s related to the eBook or other marketing topics, I always encourage people to reach out and send me their marketing questions. If you listen to my podcast, you know that’s how I enjoy my podcast.

One of the eBook reader, Robert, has a rather unique last name, so I looked him up on LinkedIn. He is managing director for an engineering company in the UK. His company does mechanical engineering designs, materials science, and analytical verification and testing for different industries, like automotive, aerospace and more. Cool stuff.

When I sent out a personalized email, I also mentioned that I like his company’s website, but, from a user-experience perspective, there are a couple of things I’d do a little differently.

He sent an email back to me right away and said that he appreciated my feedback.

He told me that they had some issues with the main page and the order data should be displayed. It seems to be dependent on the weather…(!) That just made me laugh…

He also said that the company has little experience in B2B. He feels that he has a lot to learn….but has started to invest time in a CRM system and in slowly building their network and prospects.

Then, he remarked that he is hesitant to send out cold emails to prospects, as he thinks it can be viewed as ‘trashy’, and possibly have the opposite effect and wonders what I would suggest?

Well, Robert, I know exactly how you feel.

When I started 4 years ago, I was hesitant to send out an email as well. To make it worse, my email style heavily leaned towards business writing. It was professional, but not personable. I didn’t know how to put myself out here. Or more accurately, I was afraid to put myself out here. I was afraid my email or my offerings were not good enough. People wouldn’t like it….

I modified my website 5 times in the past 4 years, I also continuously modified my email templates and writing approach. I am not saying that I achieve nirvana, but I feel more comfortable writing and I write from the point of view what I think my readers need. And I don’t usually send out email unless I have something to say.

Here is what I said to Robert:

Investing in a CRM is totally the right thing to do. I did that when I started… And I totally understand how you feel, Robert. I felt the same way when I started 4 years ago. Here is what I’d suggest you do about email:

Imagine how you’d talk to prospects face-to-face about their challenges and your suggestions. What would you say to them about your company and products? Then, do the same on email. Do your research and homework about your prospects. What are some of their challenges and pain points? What can you do to help them? Draft your email based on what they need and what you can do. Be sincere and succinct. Start with your heart. That’s it, really.

You may not get it right the first time. Just keep working on it. Don’t worry about being perceived as trashy, just be yourself and present your case to the people you want to help. There is always fear and doubt. I get it. I still fear that people won’t like my blog posts, videos, and podcasts. The truth is that there are always people out there who won’t like your content. Well, they are not your audience, anyway.

Just do it. It’ll be fine. You got this. Good luck and let me know how it goes, Robert.

We all have to start somewhere…And I did 4 years ago. Well, now it’s Robert’s turn.

Again, send me your marketing questions. You know where to reach me you need more tips on conversation with prospects.

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Keep hustling, my friends. You got this.

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