A big hello from Portland, Oregon. Welcome to another episode of B2B Marketing & More. Today I have an extraordinary guest, Joe Pulizzi, the godfather of Content Marketing, he began using the term “content marketing” back in 2001.

Joe started a business in 2007, and that became the Content Marketing Institute. Probably best known for the event Content Marketing World that began in 2011. Now he is a co-founder and board member of the Orange Effect Foundation, which helps deliver funds to children with speech therapy needs and speech disorder who can’t afford it. He is an entrepreneur, investor and marketing speaker. Also, Joe wrote and published several books: Content Inc., Killing Marketing, Epic Content Marketing, a novel The Will to Die, and Corona Marketing ebook.

In this episode of B2B Marketing and More, we will talk about content marketing for startups.

In this episode:

  • What is Corona Marketing ebook about?
  • What marketers need to do or how can they think differently in a changing business environment?
  • In what ways Covid changed content marketing and strategy?
  • What are the content strategy lessons for Startups?
  • How can startups marketers make the adjustment and focus on the right content?
  • How to build a minimum viable audience first, keep the focus, and when is the right time to diversify?
  • What should be the startup team structure that wants to build a content marketing machine?
  • How can startups with small or no budget build their audience?
  • What is the future of content marketing, and what is the role of technology?

Quotes from the episode:

“We’ve got to start actually doing strategy when it comes to content creation and communication. The strategy is all about saying “no” to things and saying “yes” to a few things and then creating really good organized plans around those couple of yeses.”

“I’d rather have 10,000 email subscribers than 200,000 followers on Facebook. Not all followers are equal, so you have to make a decision. ”


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