Question: What is the best way to build close relationships with my team?

The best way to build close relationships with your team, and inherently build a successful remote team, is having regular face-to-face meetings. If your travel budget allows, it would be great to have a face-to-face meeting every 6 months or so. For example, have a 2-day meeting in which you provide updates and the team shares best practices and discusses challenges and solutions.

If you can’t do it face-to-face, the alternative is to conduct a regular bi-weekly or monthly meeting virtually. Below are possible topics to discuss and share during the meeting:

  1. Business and sales updates
  2. Status of the company
  3. Success matrix and reality check
  4. Product roadmap and launch timing
  5. Messaging, product positioning, and content planning
  6. Marketing research and insights
  7. Best practices and updates
  8. Budget discussion
  9. Tools and processes
  10. Co-marketing plans with partners

In other words, building close relationships require time and effort. There are no shortcuts.

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