Interview with Bernie Borges

I had the pleasure of doing a podcast interview with Bernie Borges, the host of Social Business Engine, which is a video and podcast channel for social business strategy.

Bernie posed the following questions. If you can listen to the 30 min podcast, it will be GREAT! If not, you can listen to specific questions, I listed time index for specific questions below.

[1:57] What role does content strategy play in a modern global enterprise?

[3:30] How do you implement global content strategy?

[6:00] How do you orchestrate a global marketing plan so that it meets local marketing’s needs?

[9:00] You mentioned the 4 P’s of Global Content Marketing. Can you touch on the aspect of Perfect (“measurement”)?

[15:10] How do different groups work together for global content marketing efforts?

[18:00] Pam, you are an ex-CPA and held various positions from finance, accounting, purchasing, operations, planning to marketing strategy, how does that diverse background help you as a marketer?

[20:50] What is your proudest accomplishment as a global integrated marketing strategist?

[22:22] Here is the “one thing” question. If there is one thing you can change about how the business is conducted at any level, what would that be?’’

Love to hear your feedback. Enjoy the podcast!

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