I have this love and hate relationship with New Year Resolutions.

Here is the “hate” part: New Year’s resolutions frustrate me because I have what I like to call a “one-month curse” that I can’t break. I spent a couple of thousand dollars buying a treadmill once and used it for about a month, and now, that treadmill just sits in our bedroom collecting dust.

I pass by every day and honestly tell myself that I need to get on it, but I ended up doing something else instead, like eating…  Mmm…Donuts!

New Year Resolutions

One more example: I bought an expensive and beautiful diary with the intention to……write every day but again, that one month curse. That expensive and beautiful diary is situated nicely right next to my monitor. I see it every day, but I end up doing something else instead, like binge-watching TV!

As sad as it sounds, this doesn’t stop me from creating new year resolutions every year. I still do it with fully committed zeal. I am either in complete self-denial or an eternal optimist who believes that I have a chance to be salvaged by a distorted gleaming hope of a miracle.

I choose to believe the latter – that I, one day, will be strong enough to break that one month curse.  The keywords are one day. It will happen one day.

Before writing down my 2018 goals, I went back and checked on my 2017 New Year resolutions

I failed miserably on any goals that require regular commitments such as do Yoga 3 times a week or write a blog post every week. Well, I can toss these resolutions and throw them out of the window. I still haven’t broken the spell of the one-month curse. Ugh!

Although I am terrible at keeping up with resolutions that require daily or weekly disciplines, I actually did OK with deliverable-driven resolutions. I set out to launch a podcast, learn to do a handstand and complete a book proposal.  Well, I completed all three of them! 7 min marketing with Pam was launched in September. I started working on my 2nd book with a publisher. Ok, I won some, I lost some. I can live with that!

So, for my 2018 New Year Resolutions, I’ll make it simple:

1. Do Yoga 3 times a week. –> Yes, I have not given this one up yet. I am determined to break the one-month curse and make it a two-month curse in 2018. That will be progress!)

2. Complete my 2nd book. The manuscript is scheduled to finalize on April 1st and the book is scheduled to be available on September 10th, 2018. –> Yes, you know what I’ll be doing for the first half of 2018.

Writing goals

3. Check off 3 things from my bucket list. –> This one is not going to be difficult at all. I am on it! It’s all about going to places and have FUN!

bucket list challenge

4. Be able to do a forearm stand. –> Another inversion stand that I want to learn. Time to build my shoulder strength and give my biceps a big kiss!

Yoga goals

5. Learn the Waltz and West Coast Swing.  –> My son loves West Coast Swing. It looks so cool. I want to give it a try.

Learn to dance

I feel the force is strong with me….today.

Actually, the force has been strong in the past three and a half years after I left the corporate world. My book, Global Content Marketing, took me to 10 countries. I was fortunate to share my how-to through speaking, coaching, consulting and writing. I made friends around the globe through various social media channels.

Most importantly, many of you have helped and supported me along my journey without asking anything back. I am forever grateful for your generosity.

Don’t take me wrong, I still have my ups and downs, good days and bad days. I still worry about the sales pipeline and still facing growing pains. I am still working long hours. I am still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Ha!

While writing this post, I am staring at that expensive and beautiful diary book next to my computer. Rather than writing every day, I’ll write…..with a yearly review. That will be a good starting point.

Even with all the challenges ahead and a big mass around the world, I am still looking forward to 2018. I still believe that the force is strong.


May the force be with all of us.

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