Content Marketing World (CMW) is less than 4 weeks away. As usual, I’ll be doing a session and a workshop. The session is about sales enablement and the workshop focuses on how to scale content across regions. If your job is working with other regions on content marketing and/or enabling your sales team, the session or workshop is for you. If you have not registered, use promo code DIDNER, you’ll get $100 off.

Yosef Silver, my go-to SEO and e-mail marketing consultant, asked me once if there is a conference that I’d go back to over and over again. For him, it’s MozCon, a search conference hosted by Moz. He not only learns about the latest search trends, but also enjoys the annual gathering of repeat attendees who have become good friends over the years. When we talked, he couldn’t stop gushing about the conference. To him, MozCon is more than a conference, it’s a community that he can count on, network with and learn from year-round.

I can relate that feeling, and for me, Content Marketing World is the event! I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at CMW for 7 years straight.

Every year, I challenge myself and make an effort to present a new topic, which so far has included content planning, messaging, team structure and scaling content across regions.

Along the way, I also learned a great deal from fellow presenters, attendees and exhibitors. As MozCon is to Yosef, CMW is also a community to me.

Sales Enablement Session at Content Marketing World

9/5, 2:50 – 3:35 pm

I decided to tie content marketing to sales enablement and created a special session: “5 Creative Ways Marketers Can Enable Their Sales Teams.” I share ideas on how you can better support your sales team as a content marketer. Most salespeople likely only care about leads and demand gen, but there is so much more that content marketers can do to help the sale team. I will help you evaluate your inbound and outbound marketing communications holistically and identify ways to support your sales teams. And, I will make it fun!!

Bonus: I will give away 5 copies of my new book at the session!

Global Content Marketing Workshop at Content Marketing World

9/4, 1:00-4:00 pm

I’ve done this workshop, CREATE A SCALABLE GLOBAL CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY IN 7 STEPS, in the past 4 years with an average of 35-45 attendees. The key difference is that I revamp my workshop materials EVERY YEAR. I add and delete materials per attendees’ feedback. This year, I added more case studies. However, I am going to do something else different this time. I still have a set of prepared workshop materials, but I am going to arrange the flow of my workshop based on attendees’ questions. I want to dynamically modify the flow of the workshop and address attendees’ questions real-time. It’s going to be a challenge for me, but I am all about challenging myself.

So far, 49 people have registered. That is pretty good, given that global content marketing is a niche topic.

Here is a quick overview of the workshop, if you are interested

Planning is the prerequisite for business success, but success is not guaranteed by planning. Creating a global content marketing plan can be overwhelming and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. In this workshop, Pam Didner simplifies the process and explains the steps attendees need to take to develop a global plan. She’ll discuss the collaboration between an organization’s headquarters and the regional teams, the needs of creating global vs. local personas and budget allocations for content creation and promotion.

Pam will also explain the key elements to create a content marketing strategy with easy-to-follow templates. After the workshop, you will know what needs to be done to create a global plan and how to customize the templates to meet your company’s specific needs.

In this session, you will learn to:

  • Identify key factors to consider before creating a content marketing strategy
  • Follow a step-by-step framework to create cross-regional content marketing plans
  • Use, customize and modify the content marketing plan templates
  • Write business objectives and marketing strategy statements
  • Create a global content marketing plan that is actionable

If you are leading or working with international teams on content marketing and are overwhelmed by the amount of tasks and collaboration required, please come to my workshop. I love answering attendees’ questions.

Bonus: I’ll give away 5 Global Content Marketing books at the workshop.


My 2nd book, Effective Sales Enablement, won’t be launched until 10/23 in the US, but the CMW bookstore will have pre-launch copies available. You can get a copy before 10/23! I also have a book signing 3:35 – 4:15 pm on 9/5. I’ll share more details on Twitter @pamdidner

Speaking, in its essence, is learning, as is networking. I learn so much by preparing session and workshop materials, and I also learn from talking to you. I encourage all marketers and salespeople to attend CMW and, if you do, please stop by and say ‘Hi.’ #contentmarketing #rockon #CMWorld

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